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It's also your ever-present invitation to adventure weekly into the lands of work, life, self, and beyond in pursuit of uncovering and refining the very best version of who you are.

You can expect to find my personal reflections, articles full of online business insights and action items, self-development exercises, wellbeing wisdom, accountability programs, and other resources designed to nurture your success in this special community space.

❓ Why “Lovely Little Crisis”?

Hi, I’m Cheniece Patrick of Cheniece Patrick OBM (my Online Business Management consultancy). As a young girl, I was told more than once that I had the habit of creating a mountain from a molehill or a crisis out of any relatively "small" development that concerned myself. (I did and still do blame my horrible anxiety…) And as I picture all of the different phases of my life that have entered and then made their exit, they each are marked by their own coordinating “crises” held inside of them that help to build the whole (and very intriguing) woman that I am known as today.

So then, right now, I happen to just be living out another one of my little "crises", full of journeying and lots of learning along the way.

And you're invited to join me as a reader, of course. I hope that you will.

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I'm Cheniece Patrick: the Online Business Manager/CEO of Cheniece Patrick OBM, Certified Master Coach (with credentials in Happiness, Goal Success, & Life Purpose), Verified ClickUp Consultant, Approved Moxie CRM Implementor, an attuned Reiki Master Practitioner, Certified Tarot Reader, and wellbeing advocate. I'm also a wife and Mom to 3 cats, dozens of plants and a tree, and my two amazingly cute toddlers on the autism spectrum. I have minimally obvious Bell’s Palsy, and I love a day spent with my Cricut and some containers.

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